Parkland Shooting Victim’s Brother Shreds The Democrats To Pieces For Politicizing The Tragedy

In the aftermath of the tragic shooting in El Paso, Texas both Democrats and the mainstream media have attacked President Trump and Republicans. It’s a common theme that happens after every shooting just like it happened after the tragic shooting of high school kids in Parkland.

Now one man, whose sister was murdered in the Parkland massacre, spoke out and told the Democrats to stop politicizing the El Paso tragedy.

“After the Parkland school shooting where my sister died, the left pounced on the opportunity to attack republicans and the nra,” Hunter Pollack said.

“They used my sisters death to advance their radical agenda. They are doing the same thing with the El Paso shooting,” he said. “It’s pathetic and wrong.”

It didn’t take long for Democrat Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke and many other Democrats to politicize the tragedy.

In the aftermath of this tragic incident in El Paso, Texas, many Democrat politicians did what they always do, blamed Republicans. More specifically, they took aim at President Trump as if he pulled the trigger to murder the 20 innocent people.

“We’ve had a rise in hate crimes every single one of the last three years during an administration where you’ve had a president who’s called Mexicans ‘rapists’ and ‘criminals,’ though Mexican immigrants commit crimes at a far lower rate than those born here in the country,” Beto O’Rourke said.

“He is a racist and he stokes racism in this country, and it does not offend our sensibilities, it fundamentally changes the character of this country and it leads to violence,” he added.

“Yes, it’s the gun laws. Yes, it’s the universal background checks. And yes, we should stop selling weapons of war into our communities,” O’Rourke said.

“But I think we also have to confront this hatred that I have never seen in my lifetime. And we certainly have not seen in El Paso,” he added.

He continued his attack on President Trump as he spoke with Jake Tapper on the CNN show “State of the Union” on Saturday.

“We’re grieving right now for our fellow El Pasoans and the community is thinking about Dayton and the people there who have suffered such extraordinary loss.”

“Came back yesterday and got to spend some time with some of the victims and their families. I’m seeing extraordinary people who suffered the most grievous wounds and learned it wasn’t just one family member, it was two or three or more who were shot and in some cases who were killed.”

“This community is coming together unlike any other time that I can remember. Donations of blood, donations of food, just the love and the encouragement and the strength and the support in the face of a horrific mass killing.”

“El Paso will see on average 18 murders a year. That is the average over the last ten years. We lost at least 20 people yesterday.”

“And it took someone coming from outside of this community of immigrants to come and bring their hatred and their death to El Paso and in the face of that, this community has shown just incredible strength and love and is more than a match for this.”

“We will overcome this. But something has to change and one of the wives of one of the victims, he had been selling things to raise money for the soccer team he coaches, shot in the chest.”

“His wife asked me why is this happening in our country right now? Why will this continue to how do you change this, and Jake, I have to tell you, in addition to universal background checks and in addition to the sales of weapons of war in our community and red flag laws, we have to acknowledge the hatred, the open racism that we’re seeing.”

“There is an environment of it in the United States. We see it on Fox News, we — we see it on the Internet and we see it from our commander-in-chief.”

“He is encouraging this. He doesn’t just tolerate it, he encourages it, calling immigrants rapists and criminals and seeking to ban all people of one religion. Folks are responding to this. It doesn’t just offend us, it encourages the violence we’re seeing including in my home town of El Paso yesterday,” he said.

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