Pelosi Claims Republicans Who Support POTUS Will Have “Major Doggy Doo On Their Shoes”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that Republicans who continue to support President Trump will be held to account for doing so.

Pelosi joined CNN anchor Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” to discuss coronavirus relief and the Democrats’ continued push for a broader vote-by-mail system.

She began by touting the work that Congress had done so far to provide relief to Americans facing continued impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

“When we go to putting money into people’s pockets, we have to do so not in a bread and circus way. This is like ancient Rome. Trump fiddles while Rome burns, while America burns,” Pelosi said. “And Trump gives bread and circuses.”

Tapper went and suggested that President Trump’s comments about potential fraud — with regard to mail-in ballots — might be an effort to undermine the legitimacy of the coming election.

“Hillary Clinton said Americans can’t let the president, quote, sneak or steal his way to victory. President Obama warned don’t let them take away your democracy,” Tapper added, asking Pelosi directly, “If President Trump wins re-election in November, do you think Democrats will accept it as legitimate, will you accept it as legitimate?”

“Of course,” Pelosi replied, but went on to say that it’s imperative to make sure that Americans had all the information they needed to get them to vote — early if necessary.

“It isn’t a question of accepting the result. The question is, is making sure the public knows that they must vote, they must have a plan to vote, they must vote early because their playbook is one that has all kinds of obstacles to participation in our country,” Pelosi concluded.

“It’s so sad to see Republicans marching to this drummer. They’re going to have, as I’ve said over and over, major doggy doo on their shoes for a long time to come.”

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