Pelosi Crossed The Line With Attack On John Roberts, Claims Mitch McConnell Humiliated Him At Impeachment Trial

Nancy Pelosi crossed the line with a new and quite scandalous attack on Chief Justice John Roberts. Pelosi also ripped Mitch McConnell but saved her real venom for Roberts.

“It is a sad day for America to see Senator McConnell humiliate the Chief Justice of the United States into presiding over a vote which rejected our nation’s judicial norms, precedents and institutions which uphold the Constitution and the rule of law,” she tweeted.

And she didn’t stop there, she also said the President Trump’s lawyers should lose their law licenses for making their arguments and beating Adam Schiff at his own game.

“He will not be acquitted. You cannot be acquitted if you don’t have a trial, and you don’t have a trial if you don’t have witnesses and documentation,” she said.

“Some of them are even lawyers,” she said. “Imagine that you would say — ever, of any president, no matter who he or she is or whatever party — if the president thinks that his or her presidency … is good for the country, then any action is justified — including encouraging a foreign government to have an impact on our elections.”

“That is exactly what our Founders were opposed to — and they feared,” she said.

“I don’t think they made the case. I think they disgraced themselves terribly in terms of their violation of what our Constitution is about and what a president’s behavior should be,” Pelosi continued.

“I don’t know how they can retain their lawyer status, in the comments that they’re making,” Pelosi told reporters in the Capitol.

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