Pelosi Demands Probe Into Trump’s Handling Of Virus Crisis: “What Did He Know, When Did He Know It”

On Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that every deceased coronavirus patient’s death is attributable to President Trump. And after issuing this bold insinuation, she continuing telling lie after lie after lie.

“The president, his denial at the beginning, was deadly,” Pelosi said to CNN’s Jake Tapper during a discussion about mounting coronavirus deaths in the states.

There was no “denial at the beginning.” While President Trump offered optimism, his administration has been taking actions in regard to the global coronavirus pandemic since January, when House Dems like Nancy Pelosi were busy trying to impeach him over highly dubious allegations of wrongdoing.

“His delaying of getting equipment to where it it’s needed is deadly,” Pelosi added.

This also appears to be a suspect statement. As proof, consider what happened in New York City, where Mayor Bill de Blasio has cast blame on the president when facts show it was he who delayed the city’s first order of essential supplies.

“And now the best thing to do would be to prevent more loss of life rather than open things up, because we just don’t know,” Pelosi continued, addressing Trump’s interest in reopening the economy sooner rather than later.

“We have to have testing, testing, testing. That’s what we said from the start, before we can evaluate what the nature of it is in some of these other regions as well. I don’t know what the purpose of that is. I don’t know what the scientists are saying to him. I don’t know what the scientists said to him. When did this president know about this, and what did he know? What did he know, and when did he know it? That’s for an after-action review. But as the president fiddles, people are dying, and we just have to take every precaution.”

This sure sounds like she may be interested in pursing a second impeachment.

Instead of pushing back on Pelosi’s lies, host Tapper echoed some of them verbatim and then bluntly asked her if she thinks President Trump’s alleged actions “cost American lives.”

“Speaker Pelosi, when you say the president’s denial was deadly, he obviously downplayed the risks of coronavirus for several weeks, and it wasn’t until I think about two weeks ago that he started acknowledging the gravity of the crisis,” he said. “Are you saying his downplaying ultimately cost American lives?”

“Yes, I am,” Pelosi replied. “I’m saying that because when he made — the other day, when he was signing the bill, he said, just think, 20 days ago everything was great. No, everything wasn’t great. We had nearly 500 cases and 17 deaths already.”

It’s not clear how the president’s casual comment proves her thesis that the president has been downplaying the coronavirus. Especially when you factor in that, around 20 days ago, the coronavirus outbreak situation in America was indeed far less severe.

Because of exponential growth, it of course quickly grew worse, but that doesn’t negate the fact that there were no lockdowns, shutdown or quarantines at the start of the month.

“And in that 20 days, because we weren’t prepared, we now have 2,000 deaths and 100,000 cases,” she continued. “So again, we really want to work in a unifying way to get the job done here. But we cannot continue to allow him to continue to make these underestimates of what is actually happening here.”

“This is such a tragedy, and we don’t even know the magnitude of it because we do not have the adequate testing. Our first bill was about testing, testing, testing. The second bill was about masks, masks, masks. Of course, both of them were about addressing the emergency.”

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