“Pelosi Hates Trump To The Point Of Hurting Our Nation” – Says Sen. Lindsey Graham

Senator Lindsey Graham claims that Nancy Pelosi hates Trump more than she loves America, and that is why she sided with WHO and China despite their well-documented lies that caused the coronavirus to erupt into a global pandemic.

“Her issue is she hates Trump to the point of hurting our own nation,” Sen. Graham said on Justice with Judge Jeanine. “She is condemning President Trump for cutting funds off to the WHO because they’ve been in China’s pocket. Has she at one time mentioned the fact that the virus came out of China? That the Chinese Communist Party lied to the American people and the world at large?”

Sen. Graham was referring to Nancy Pelosi’s repeated attacks against the President for halting funding to the WHO, which told the world on January 14 that COVID-19 could not be passed through human-to-human transmission. That was a deadly miss-conception.

Graham stated that Nancy Pelosi refuses to blame the incompetents of the WHO and the CCP because she wants to exploit the coronavirus crisis into an all-out attack on President Trump.

“She blamed President Trump for dead Americans and a wrecked economy,” Graham said. “President Trump has done a damn good job protecting this country. He closed down travel to China when nobody in the world suggested we should.”

Sen. Graham also agrees with many medical experts who claim that President Trump’s early travel bans probably saved many American lives.

“If we had done nothing…there’d be a million-plus dead Americans,” he said. “China is the culprit here — not Trump.”

Sen. Graham stated that the Chinese Communist Party needs to atone for its role in lying about COVID-19 and spreading it all around the world.

“Gross negligence and willful deception by the Chinese government has led to 22 million Americans being unemployed and 38,000 Americans dead,” he said. “And China needs to pay.”

Judge Jeanine replied: “We owe money to China, can we start canceling that debt?”

Graham responded: “Senator Marsha Blackburn has legislation with Martha McSally that basically allows us to cancel some of the debt that we owe to China. Canceling debt is something we could do.”

Graham said the U.S. imposed harsh sanctions on Iran for sponsoring Islamic terrorism. He said we should do the same to China for spreading several pandemics.

“China is the largest state sponsor of pandemics in the world,” Graham said. “Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism. We sanctioned the hell out of Iran for spreading terrorism. We ought to sanction the hell out of China for spreading pandemics.”

Senator Graham said the world deserves reparations from China for its role in endangering public safety.

“I would like to put sanctions on China not just for the United States, but for the entire world,” Graham said. “This is the third pandemic to come out of China. Enough is enough. Bring the supply chain back? Yeah, that’s a no-brainer.”

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