Pelosi Reveals What She Told Trump On Friday Night’s Phone Call Before He Decided To Postpone The ICE Raids

This Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed what she told President Donald Trump during her phone call to him last Friday night before he called off the ICE raids.

Last Saturday, President Trump walked back his promise and announced he will be delaying the illegal immigration removal process for two weeks at the request of the Dems to see if Congress will work together on a solution to fix the asylum loopholes.

“At the request of Democrats, I have delayed the Illegal Immigration Removal Process (Deportation) for two weeks to see if the Democrats and Republicans can get together and work out a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border. If not, Deportations start!” President Trump said in a tweet on Saturday.

According to reports by the Associated Press and CNN, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called President Donald Trump on Friday evening and requested he call off the ICE raids. And the President supposedly listened to her.

Apparently Nancy Pelosi made it all about the illegal alien children. Nancy Pelosi also miscounted how many grandchildren she has and had to correct herself.

“Children are scared. You’re scaring the children of America, not just in those families but their neighbors and their communities. You’re scaring the children.” The California Democrat reportedly said to the President.

Many Americans hope that they will hear a speech like this from a Democrat concerning American children. And the Americans who are being terrorized and murdered by illegal aliens and violent MS-13 gang members.

Nancy Pelosi argued that “a violation of status is not a reason for deportation” and also said, “In terms of interior enforcement . . . what’s the point?”

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