“Please Help Us In Los Angeles” – California Resident Begs President Trump After Homelessness Crisis

California resident and conservative commentator Alexandra Datig is calling out to President Trump to take action on the homelessness crisis in the Golden state.

“Please President Trump help us in Los Angeles,” said Datig, the Daily Caller reported.

Back in August, the Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill interviewed Alexandra Datig, when President Trump was considering a major crackdown on homeless camps — there has yet to be an official announcement on what, or if anything will be done.

Earlier this month police responded to a call from a woman who randomly had a bucket of diarrhea poured on her head near the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Alexandra Datig is not the only California resident who is concerned about the homelessness crisis.

Many others have taken to social media to slam lawmakers for looking the other way on this issue.

It seems like the Dems are just to proud do admit that the Golden state is a mess and that they need to step down in shame. But that has a very small chance of happening.

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