Police Called To Florida High School Gunman’s Home 39 Times Since 2010

39 CALLS were directed to the gunman’s home since 2010! The Government has failed seriously here!

The local Florida media revealed that the law enforcement called the gunman Nikolas Cruz over 30 times in the last several years. This is quite a lot! Can we ask someone, why no action was taken when, there were, obviously, warning signs that were pretty much significant!

Since 2010, Broward County Sheriff’s deputies, at least 39 times since 2018, were called to the gunman’s home. The sheriff’s office said that it received approximately 20 calls about Cruz over the past years! It is not very clear though if some of the 20 calls they received overlapped with the 39 times when the Cruz’s home was visited by the sheriff’s disputes or if they were separate incidents.

There was a five month period, starting in September 2017, when the FBI failed multiple times after they received tips about the gunman a couple of times. And again, nothing was done!

The FBI admitted that they received a serious tip last month and failed to follow protocol and that they could prevent 17 people from dying! The Florida Governor Rick called for FBI Director Christopher Wray to resign from his position because of this incident due to the fact that this failure of FBI was significantly bad!

Nikolas Cruz walked into the high school with an AR-15 rifle and fired faculty members and students while he was walking through the school hallways.

After the massacre, Cruz attempted to escape blending in with the students fleeing the school. After that he walked in a Walmart, bought a drink at a Subway and went to a nearby McDonald’s.

About an hour after the massacre, Cruz was captured in a nearby neighborhood. He was charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder, and according to court documents, he confessed the shooting.

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