President Trump Accuses Paul Ryan of Sabotaging Him On Fox News

Yesterday during Fox News’ the “Your World with Neil Cavuto” show a guest analyst with a serious anti-Trump bent predictably used her time to trash President Trump.

A.B. Stoddard is one of those never Trump people who still hasn’t gotten over the loss. They were talking about the disastrous Dem debates and Stoddard oddly took a shot at President Trump.

“I think that Donald Trump had disastrous debate performances,” Stoddard said before calling his performance “cringeworthy.”

Now, inside the beltway, on technical points about arcane knowledge no one remembers or cares about one, could say Hillary held her own.

But a debate is about touching people’s feelings and landing memorable lines that knockout the competition and echo through history.

Having said that, Trump clearly won that battle.

If you compare Trump’s line, ‘Cause you’d be in jail,” to Hillary’s “go fact check Trump at my website” and you get the idea. Or ‘Only Rosie.”

To prove it even further, the thing the Dem base wants in a candidate more than anything is someone who can beat Trump in a debate and beat him on social media.

They want someone who can hit back. It’s not so easy as we saw with Bloomberg’s implosion recently.

But that’s why Bloomberg was rising – one New Hampshire voter said she switched from Biden to Bloomberg because Joe was not hitting back about the Hunter stuff.

Trump clearly agreed and ripped Stoddard and Paul Ryan who he blamed for Fox’s change in attitude toward him.

Mediaite reported that Stoddard, as part of a panel discussion analyzing Wednesday night’s Democratic Presidential debate, ripped President Trump’s performances from four years ago in the context of Mike Bloomberg’s struggles.

“I think that Donald Trump had disastrous debate performances,” Stoddard said. “Many answers were so cringeworthy. You just couldn’t even believe that he was standing on the stage. And he’s president.”

Cavuto fired back at the president to close his show, with a stinging fact-check which noted that Trump was, in the near-unanimous opinion of experts and polls, deemed to have lost his debates in 2016.

“He did not [win the debates],” Cavuto said.

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