President Trump Drops The Hammer On MSNBC’s Joy Reid: “No Talent, Bad Reputation”

President Donald Trump had another good week in the office and the mainstream media, of course, tried to spin it the other way.

The media spent the whole week trying to sink President Trump over allegations that he was routing U.S. servicemen to stay at his hotel in Scotland.

The media actually had only half the story and it wasn’t even a new story, as an English paper had reported it a year ago, but without the insanitation and false narrative. And yet, the media ran it as if President Trump was guilty.

Turns out Ex-President Obama signed the refueling contract, not President Trump and Trump’s hotel comes in under the per diem max the military is allowed to spend on lodging.

The Hill reported that President Trump lashed out at MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Saturday, saying that the TV host has “NO talent.”

“Who the hell is Joy-Ann Reid? Never met her, she knows ZERO about me, has NO talent, and truly doesn’t have the ‘it’ factor needed for success in showbiz,” President Trump tweeted.

“Had a bad reputation, and now works for the Comcast/NBC losers making up phony stories about me. Low Ratings. Fake News!”

Reid has been critical of President Trump in the past, releasing a book about Trump earlier this summer titled, “The Man Who Sold America.”

She also said in a tweet earlier this month that President Trump “has turned the presidency into a travel agency servicing the Trump Organization and its properties and golf clubs around the world.”

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