President Trump Slams Bill Clinton – Questions If He Went To Epstein’s Private Island

On Tuesday, President Trump was asked if former President Bill Clinton ever visited Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, which was rumored to have been used for secret sexual relations between powerful people and underage girls.

During a press gaggle in Morristown, New Jersey, the President was asked about the conspiracy theory alleging that the Clinton family was involved in Epstein’s alleged suicide while in prison.

The theory claims that the Clintons facilitated Jeffrey Epstein’s death in order to prevent him from sharing incriminating information with investigators after he was charged with running an underage sex trafficking ring.

The question came after President Trump retweeted a video by comedian Terrence K. Williams that claimed the Clintons killed Epstein.

The President said that he didn’t know if the Clintons were involved in Jeffrey Epstein’s death but brought up the so-called “pedophile island” owned by the multi-millionaire where “bad things” allegedly happened.

“Did Bill Clinton go to the island?” President Trump wondered.

The Daily Caller also reported that authorities were concerned about one specific building on Little St. James, a blue-and-white striped “temple” that differed significantly from building plans submitted to the government and contained a “lock bar” on the outside of the front door.

There is currently no evidence to support the theory that the Clintons killed Jeffrey Epstein, which is born out of Bill Clinton’s past relationship with Epstein, as well as a meme about Clinton associates dying in dramatic or unusual fashion.

Clinton, in response to the reports about his past relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, released a statement after Epstein’s arrest, insisting that he knew nothing about the allegations of sex with under age girls.

Clinton only flew on Epstein’s private jet on 4 occasions and has “not spoken to Epstein in over a decade,” the statement claimed, although flight logs place him on the “Lolita Express” at least a dozen times. Epstein also visited the White House at least four times while Clinton was in office.

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