President Trump Wins Telemundo Debate Winner Poll By 66-34%

In somewhat of a surprise that is sure to enrage the Democrats, an instant post-debate poll conducted on Spanish speaking television station Telemundo found President Trump the clear winner by the margin of 66-34%.

All though the person sharing the poll on social media said that the host stated the poll has no scientific background, it sure will displease the left.

Trump supporters, however, were quick to tout the poll on social media.

“Great news at Telemundo. Post debate poll. Trump 66- Biden 34. Remarkable shocker. Latinos overwhelmingly voted for Trump tonight!”

“The poll of Hispanic voters after tonight’s debate on Telemundo. Joe Biden has some work to do. That is a huuuuge voting block.”

Another tweet said: “elemundo poll: 66% believe Trump won tonight”

“Hispanics see the socialist Dems for who they are because many of them have seen it happen in the countries the fled.”

Matthew Dowd countered “Cspan and telemundo weren’t polls. They were self-selected. CBS and CNN actually did polls. Trump lost both.”

He was also easily countered with a few facts from the previous elections.

The CNN network has been wrong in their polls since forever. Even in 2012 they showed Romney at 67%, +42 from Ex-President Obama.

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