Princeton Professor Claims Trump’s ICE Raids Tweet Is a ‘Terroristic Act’

Princeton Professor of American American studies Eddie Glaude made an astounding claim about President Donald Trump while speaking in an interview with MSNBC.

Professor Glaude’s response came after President Trump’s announced upcoming ICE raids on illegal immigrants. Glaude accused President Trump of adopting a barbaric policy that seeks to terrorize families with children.

Fox News reported that the professor called President Trump’s announcement an act of terror and said that America’s sympathies should lie with illegal immigrant families, and not with the president.

The Princeton Professor also questioned President Trump’s ability to actually carry out his proposed plan.

“What we need to do is to understand what is really motivating this … is cruelty. It’s cruelty” Eddie Glaude told MSNBC.

“What Donald Trump did yesterday, what he announced via Twitter – and this might sound hyperbolic to some folk – it was a terroristic act.” He added.

“Think about all of those mixed families, people who have parents, who have kids. We know that he can’t really implement this.”

The Princeton Professor also accused President Trump’s administration of targeting productive members of society and called their actions “horrifying.”

“This was just a political ploy. But what is he doing? He’s terrorizing families in communities who think that they’re going to be snatched from their kids, who have to walk around daily wondering whether an ICE Agent is going to show up at work and snatch them,” Glaude said.

“He’s announcing his campaign. Instead of calling people rapists, he’s announcing his campaign by enacting terror on families who are often really close and productive members of communities around this country. It’s horrifying.” He concluded.

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