Protester Stormed The Impeachment Trial & Heckled The Dems: “Chuck Schumer Is The Devil, Dismiss the Articles”

During the second night of the incredibly boring impeachment trial on Wednesday, a heckler stole the show.

One pro-Trump protester interrupted the proceedings and protested Chuck Schumer calling him the devil before demanding the Dems stand down and stop their efforts to remove the President from office.

Justice Roberts took control and called the chamber to order as the Capitol police jumped into action and escorted the protester from the building.

The protester heckled the Dems about abortion and shouted to the senators to dismiss the charges against President Trump.

Dallas News reporter Todd Gillman said: “A protester just burst into the Senate gallery, Gallery 5, across chamber from the dais, yelling something like “Jesus Christ! They’re trying to overturn the election!” Capitol Police instantly grabbed him and pulled him out to the hall. Yelling continued.”

“As security dragged out #protester, still yelling, Chief Justice Roberts banged his gavel: “The Senate will be in order. The sergeant at arms will restore order in the gallery.” @RepJeffries continued presentation. Reports the man was yelling about abortion.”

“OMG!! The scariest thing just happened. A protester stormed onto the balcony while Hakeem Jeffries was addressing the Senate. “Jesus Christ would…” he yelled, before Capitol police pulled him out. Everyone visibly started, including me!” Buzzfeed reporter Kadia Goba wrote.

Nancy Davis also reported on the issue:

“Here’s what @nytimes says about the impeachment heckler: “Schumer is the devil,” the protester yelled as he was led away outside the chamber. “They support abortion.” Staff members are indicating that he is a known protester.”

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