Protesters Shout “Lock Him Up” During President Trump’s Veterans Day Speech In New York

On Monday, President Donald Trump was in New York City to celebrate Veterans Day, but protesters tried to interrupt his speech by chanting “lock him up.”

President Trump gave a speech honoring the troops at the Veterans Day parade before participating in a beautifull ceremony. According to reporters who were on the ground, protesters in the surrounding areas chanted “lock him up” and “traitor” at the start of the President’s speech.

“Incredibly loud protests outside the Trump speech along Fifth Avenue, with whistles, chants of “Lock him up,”” posted Maggie Lindsy, a reporter fo CNN and NYT, on Twitter.

“Loud chants and whistles just beyond the park as Trump starts speaking, sounds like protesters chanting “lock him up,”” said Washington Post reporter, David Nakamura.

Nakamura also reported that there were large signs overlooking President Trump’s speech including “Dump Trump.”

Building overlooking Madison Square Park where the President spoke at Veteran’s Day parade has IMPEACH spelled out in windows.

President Trump notably recently changed his primary residence from New York to Florida, blaming New York State’s high taxes and the alleged harassment by the state’s attorney generals.

The Daily Caller reported that President Trump was forced to dissolve the Trump Foundation due to a lawsuit by New York prosecutors, and a judge ultimately ordered the president to pay $2 million to various charities over alleged misuse of the foundation.

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