Religious Nuns Wearing MAGA Masks Steal The Show At President Trump’s Rally

Religious nuns wearing “Make America Great Again” masks at President Donald Trump’s rally excited the attention of Twitter users Saturday evening.

At least three different nuns can be seen standing behind the president as he spoke Saturday night in Circleville, Ohio.

The nuns, dressed in white, black and purple habits and wearing crosses around their necks, also wore black masks with the letters “MAGA” on them, were in the front row of the Trump rally.

One nun held a bible in her hands, pictures show, while others held rosaries.

The nuns can be seen applauding throughout the president’s speech, as Twitter users noted.

“Joe [Biden], you want to do all this stuff, why didn’t you do it? You were there 3.5 years ago,” President Trump said to his supporters in Ohio.

“I wouldn’t have run Joe if you did a good job. … The fact is you didn’t do a good job Joe, you let us down,” the President said.

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