Rob Reiner Gets Torched On Social Media After Claiming That Biden “Can Save The Democracy”

After Joe Biden became incoherent during his speech on Monday, Rob Reiner lost connection to reality. In fact, the leftwing Hollywood filmmaker claimed: “I watch Joe Biden and I see a man who can save Democracy.” Well, that’s why poor Rob immediately got torched by patriots.

In case you missed it, Joe Biden had a massive brain freeze during his teleprompter speech on Monday. It’s one thing to lose your train of thought when you are speaking without unprepared remarks. However, Biden stumbled badly reading off the teleprompter, and he refused to take any questions.

“Joe Biden stumbled badly during his big speech in Pittsburgh, on Monday, mangling his points about the coronavirus while seemingly struggling to read the teleprompter,” Breitbart reports.

“For some, it was painful to watch. For Biden fundraiser and left-wing Hollywood filmmaker Rob Reiner, the 77-year-old candidate exuded presidential strength.”

“I watch Joe Biden and I see a man who can save Democracy,” Hollywood filmmaker Reiner declared.

People on social media didn’t wait long to torch Rob Reiner and explain how ridiculous he sounds.

“This is just insane, even for Rob Reiner,” tweeted The Political Insider.

“That’s funny, I see an old guy who doesn’t know what day it is, what town he’s in. Sorry Rob, what would save Democracy would be to demolish Democrats and Republicans and start over with something that’s not drowning in moral squalor,” tweeted “Mr. Rimbaud.”

“I laughed way too hard at this. Nobody believes this, not even you,” tweeted “Cali Girl To Okie.”

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