Rob Reiner Loses It, Claims GOP Has Blood On Their Hands For Not Impeaching Trump

Rob ‘Meathead’ Reiner just lost the plot and tried to attack congressional Republicans for not impeaching and convicting President Donald Trump.

He accused the GOP of having blood on their hands for not removing President Trump when they had a chance.

Actor and filmmaker Rob Reiner shamed congressional Republicans for allowing Donald Trump to remain in office after his impeachment trial by the House and claimed that “blood” was also “on their hands” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“The GOP knew who this man was,” Reiner tweeted Tuesday. “They knew he was incompetent. They knew he was mentally unwell.”

The Hollywood actor continued: “They had the power to remove him. The Blood is on their hands too.”

Reiner has been intensely critical of the President since he took office. Last week, he called Trump a “sociopath” who doesn’t care if American citizens die from the coronavirus, as the Washington Examiner reported.

Other celebrities have placed blame for the growing number of American deaths at the President’s door step since the outbreak.

Actor John Cusack called for Trump’s removal from office in order to “save lives.” Saturday Night Live guest Alec Baldwin suggested that President Trump himself is the virus and that the “cure” is removing him from office in the November general election.

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