Ronald Reagan’s Son Praises Trump’s Leadership: “I Have Never Seen Any POTUS Even My Father…”

The son of former President Ronald Reagan praised President Donald Trump over his remarkable handling of the situation while the U.S. is bateling the pandemic crisis.

Ronald Reagan’s son took to social media applauded the President for his Q&R skills during the briefings.

Reagan tweeted: “I’ve never seen any POTUS even my father that could do a Q&A like [Trump] and have a grasp of every questions asked without using notes..This is why we hired a business person to be president. Public Private partnership is going to save us.”

The briefings provide President Trump with the opportunity to speak directly to the American people, without the left-wing media filter.

The remarkable thing about the briefings is that President Trump is raked over the goals by many in the media for daring to give the American people a reason to hope — which is almost as unprecedented as the impact coronavirus has had on the country.

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley also knows real leadership when she sees it. She also praised President Trump on social media.

“While some choose to criticize, I know @realDonaldTrump, @VP, and all of the members of the corona virus task force are working long hours to do the best they can for the American people,” Haley wrote.

“We should all want them to succeed. We should all be grateful for their leadership,” she added.

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