Rose McGowan Rips DNC & Dems, Says “I Strongly Believe Joe Biden Is a Rapist”

In a post that has since gone viral on Twitter, actress Rose McGowan shared a somber meme.

In the image, she writes: “I was raped by a TOP Democratic donor. Hillary Clinton shut down NBC’s expose of HW (Harvey Weinstein) with one call from her spokesperson.”

She continues: “I strongly believe Joe Biden is a rapist. DNC had Bill Clinton, serial abuser of young women (Epstein & others) speak.”

“You want me to be pro-Dem? I know more than you will ever know about their evil.”

“You can hide behind your convenient morality. I won’t,” she added.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was accused of rape by Tara Reade.

Reade on Thursday accused the DNC of “gaslighting” survivors by mishandling her claims and said the four-day convention had been “traumatizing” to watch, according to a Fox News report.

“They’re pretending that they’re the upholders of the ‘Me Too’ like a shield but meanwhile, some of their main Democratic elites, some of the main powerful people involved with the party are actually perpetrators themselves,” Reade, 56, told the publication.

“And frankly, I think the Democratic National Committee is complicit because they’re not just ignoring it. They’re participating in it … and enabling those perpetrators,” she continued.

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