Rough Day For CNN During Trump Rally As They Experienced Some “Issues”

CNN had a really bad day and boy did they have some issues during the Trump rally in Nevada.

The network has no answer for the enthusiasm and love supporters have for President Trump. Just look at this CNN’s reporters face as the crowd of thousands was chanting to be let into the rally.

In there reporting of the event CNN lamented over Trump supporters:

“When gates to the Minden, Nevada, rally opened just before 5 p.m. local time, hundreds of people rushed to the front grabbing for chairs and squeezing in, all while music by Elton John and Queen blasted throughout the venue.”

“The rally-goers had been waiting in line for several hours to get inside the airport rally, which is being held on the tarmac of the general aviation field.”

CNN is getting it wrong though, these aren’t Trump rally’s they are “peaceful protests.”

President Trump also called out Joe Biden during the “peaceful protest.”

“[Biden] only did one thing good. He treated Obama good. I was going to say something else but they would have scolded me,” said Trump.

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