Rudy Giuliani Claims “Biden Has Nothing To Offer Black America But Fear”

In an Op-Ed for the Washington Times, former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani argues “Joe Biden has nothing to offer Black America but fear.”

The Democratic National Convention concluded Thursday with Joe Biden giving his keynote speech.

The speech has was mostly praised from liberal pundits and some conservative media figures.

Giuliani writes: “Mr. Biden’s announcement speech was a blatant attempt to racially divide people.”

“He worked hard to make the audience view White supremacists as “a threat to our nation …” — which they are — but failed to mention other threats to Blacks and other Americans that are thousands of times worse,” he continued.

“Although his remarks were intended to divide, he still presented himself as the one who could unite.”

“Over a year later, he was telling radio host Charlamagne tha God that “you ain’t black” if you haven’t decided to vote for him yet. Such a statement can only come from an arrogant, entitled career politician who thinks he owns Blacks and the Black vote,” Giuliani said.

“It is a strategy that is consistent with what Mr. Biden and the Democratic Party have offered African-Americans for the entirety of Mr. Biden’s political career: fear and dependency.”

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