Rush Limbaugh’s Black Producer Bo Snerdley Shuts Down Jim Acosta After He Accused Rush Of Racism

CNN’s Jim Acosta showed that he has no shame and actually attacked a man, Rush Limbaugh, with advanced lung cancer.

Acosta said that Rush has a “history of making derogatory comments about African-Americans.”

“Yes, the president had some heartwarming moments during this speech, but he was also engaging in some deeply divisive rhetoric aimed at immigrants, aimed at Latinos,” Jim said.

“And while, yes, he was trying to make appeals to the African-American community, it can’t be forgotten he was awarding the Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh, who has a history of making derogatory comments about African-Americans. And so I think, you know, overall it’s a wash,” he added.

The backlash was swift and fierce. Rush’s longtime producer Bo Snerdley, an African American, shut down Accosta with malice.

“I just saw the footage from CNN’s Jim Acosta saying Rush has a “history” of saying disparaging things about African Americans. I have been in the studio with Rush for 30 years. I would like to formally challenge CNN and @Acosta to provide the list.”

Bo added this morning:

“As of this morning I have not heard back from Mr.Acosta following his race-baiting, hateful slanderous statement regarding Rush,” he said.

“He cannot provide proof of his hateful accusations, because the proof does not exist. CNN should be ashamed for allowing this alleged ‘reporting’ on public airwaves. It should not be tolerated.”

Laura Ingraham said:

“Jim Acosta is disgusting. That is a disgusting comment — disgusting comment and false,” Ingraham said. “Every time they lose, they cry racism. Every time they lose, they say, ‘You’re a mean, horrible xenophobe.’ It’s insult after insult.”

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