Sarah Palin On Media’s Doting Kamala Coverage: Would’ve Never ‘Prostituted Myself’ By Changing Policy Positions

Sarah Palin claims that she never would’ve “prostituted” herself to gain favorable treatment from the corporate media after she was named John McCain’s GOP running mate in the 2008 presidential election.

Palin’s comments came in response to a question from Tucker Carlso about the double-standard in news media coverage when he implied satirically that the media is treating Kamala Harris like “a rock star, a celebrity, the Dalai Lama reincarnated,” and someone who cares “about equality deep within [her] soul.”

“Looking back, Is there anything you could have done to get [that] kind of coverage?” Carlson asked.

The much-maligned former Republican governor of Alaska asserted on Tucker Carlson Tonight that she never would have compromised her constitutional-conservative principles.

“I would not have prostituted myself in terms of changing any of my positions in order to garner better press.”

“For instance, I’m all about all of our freedoms including the Second Amendment, and I would not, for instance say, yeah, you know, mandatory gun confiscation which is what the Democrats are really for and pulling for, I would never have gone there in order to get that good coverage. And yeah, Tucker, I would’ve gotten a lot better coverage had I compromised my convictions, had I decided that I was just going to go with the flow in order to get that uni-party liberal coverage that would have been so much better.”

Carlson joked that she could’ve won praise from the press if she had said that men can get pregnant.

Along these lines, if Palin was pro-choice Democrat, with the same background or baggage, the media likely would have given her the worshipful Kamala Harris treatment.

Palin also noted Democrat candidates get kid-glove treatment — “treated like delicate pieces of China” by the ideologically and/or personally aligned liberal press, which explains why the media is downplaying the radical agenda being put forth in the Democrat National Convention.

Palin-style common-sense conservatives are “more like the bull in the china shop,” she noted.

Earlier during the interview, she observed that the convention, which alternatively brings on nausea or laughter is “just so out of touch with normal, average Americans.”

Later in the interview, she called out MSNBC anti-Trump propagandists Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace, members of what she called the uni-party that she alluded to above, for running the McCain-Palin campaign into the ground. “There was a lot of sabotaging going on there,” she claimed.

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