Sarah Sanders Shuts Down Liberal Talking Heads In One Of Her Most Tense Interviews

Fox News contributor Sarah Sanders slammed the View cohosts on Tuesday calling them “definition of hypocrisy,” after a tense interview she had with the ABC show.

“They didn’t like it very much when I reminded them, as they were talking about the problems in all these major cities, who was leading those major cities.”

“It was very interesting that the second I started naming off all of the accomplishments and all of the things that the president has done to empower the Black community and to help the Black community, they quickly cut me off and decided it was time to move on,” the former Trump administration White House press secretary told “Hannity.”

As liberal cities run by Democrat politicians continue to see violent riots tear apart the areas, Sanders brought up how Biden supporters are big perpetrators.

While on the show, Sanders called out loud-mouthed and avid Trump hater Joy Behar for calling the president a “terrorist.”

“Despite the fact that the president spent the last four years wiping the most dangerous terrorist off of the face of the planet, they are the definition of hypocrisy,” Sanders said.

The former White House press secretary was on the show to promote her new book, Speaking for Myself: Faith, Freedom, and the Fight of Our Lives Inside the Trump White House.

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