“Say Anything” Actress Posts Meme Labeling Trump Supporters As Either Racist Or Rich

Ione Skye, the starring actress of the 1989 movie “Say Anything” has not been shy about posting about her anti-Trump political beliefs on Twitter.

Most recently, Skye shared a meme that states:

“There are only 2 reasons left why you would support Trump: 1) You’re rich 2) You’re racist. Check your bank account for the answer.”

The day before, Skye wrote “People who hate celebrities getting political, you will have the fun artistic sides of us back once our shared country is back on tract. (sic)”

She aded “We care about our land and people too much at the moment to not try and help. #TrumpKnewVoteBlue”

Here are more of her recent tweets:

“Mr. Crazy pants, racist, ego maniac, reality denying, President, I too wished the news about covid was over blown in the beginning but you have to be a leader and face facts even when you don’t want them to be true. You confessed again, idiot. #TrumpKNewVoteBLue“

“Trump IS the fake news. He is a proven criminal and he cares more about image than taking real action. America had an unnecessary amount of covid related deaths and the countries economic troubles are worse from his neglect. Let’s try to get on track. #TrumpKnewVoteBlue“

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