SC Dem Rips Bernie Sanders’ Hopes & Dreams: Nobody Wants Your Socialism In My State

Rep. James Clyburn does not think Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’s democratic socialist platform will play out well in his home state of South Carolina.

“I do believe it will be an extra burden for us to have to carry,” the House majority whip said on Sunday during CBS’s Face The Nation.

“This is South Carolina, and South Carolinians are pretty leery about that title socialist. And so, I think that that would be a real burden for us in these states or congressional districts that we need to do well in,” he added.

Democrats have been grappling with whether to embrace Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist who is now the leading candidate for the party’s nomination for president.

While the electorate might be showing an appetite for Bernie Sanders’s ideas nationally after wins in New Hampshire and Nevada, Clyburn warned his ideology could be less popular in down-ballot House races this year.

“If you look at how well we did the last time, and look at the congressional districts, these were not liberal or what you might call progressive districts. These are basically moderate and conservative districts that we did well in, and in those districts, it’s going to be tough to hold onto these jobs if you have to make the case for accepting a self-proclaimed democratic socialist,” Clyburn said.

South Carolina is the next state to vote in the Democratic presidential contest with its primary set for Feb. 29. Clyburn has not indicated which candidate he will endorse.

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