Sen. Tim Scott: Trump “Deserves Much More Credit For Focusing On Most Vulnerable Americans”

While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi felt the need to respond to President Donald Trump’s SOTU address by ripping up her copy of it, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, on the other hand, felt compelled to respond by saluting the president for a job well done.

Scott appeared on Sunday morning with Fox News’ host Maria Bartiromo, and was especially appreciative of President Trump’s efforts towards implementing Opportunity Zones.

“The president deserves so much credit for focusing on the most vulnerable Americans in this nation,” he said. “And he’s bringing $67 billion back into some of the most vulnerable communities in the country. And I’m thankful that he supported my legislation, the Opportunity Zone bill, that is bringing those dollars back.”

Scott also added that, thanks to President Trump’s policies (tax cuts, deregulation, trade deals), lower-income communities have achieved an eight percent wage increase.

“These are blessed times for Americans who are looking for hope. The president has become a purveyor of hope,” he said.

When asked by host Bartiromo whether the economic gains being seen across the states have impacted the president’s approval rate among blacks, Scott argued they have.

“On election day 2016, he was around eight or nine percent. Right now his approval rating on the last four polls that I’ve seen is over 30 percent, and there’s a very specific reason why that’s the case,” he said, citing polls from Rasmussen, Emerson, Marist, and a fourth unknown pollster.

“He’s not only said what he’s going to do. He has actually done it — whether it’s permanent funding for HBCUs or criminal justice reform, Opportunity Zones, [inaudible] property, working on sickle cell anemia. This president has been delivering for three years, and it is now gaining traction in African American communities across this nation.”

Despite these unprecedented gains, which only continue to grow as President Trump implements more and more policies, congressional Dems have continued to shriek and holler, Bartiromo replied, pivoting the discussion toward the president’s now-concluded impeachment trial and the left’s relentless attacks against him, as the BPR reported.

“The entire foundation [of the legal system] — the presumption of innocence — has been void for this president the entire time he’s been in office. It’s the closest thing we’ve seen to a witch hunt in my lifetime,” the senator said sometime later, summing up his perspective on both the impeachment debacle and the collusion delusion affair.

When the discussion returned to President Trump’s SOTU address, Scott remarked on the stunning refusal by Democrats to stand as the president honored a slew of notable Americans.

“I was shocked on four different occasions. The first one, which I was thought was amazing, was when the Army soldier walked in and you saw his wife’s face,” he said. “She was shocked. The little girl and her son, being reunited with their family, to not stand up for that, I don’t understand.”

“The little girl in Philadelphia, 11 years old, cute little girl with her smart glasses, bright future, she’s getting a scholarship that she was locked out of for a couple years. You think about the 100-year-old Tuskegee Airman who’s now a general officer because of President Trump. Not a single person stood.”

The discussion on FNC concluded with Bartiromo and Scott speaking one last time about the president’s impeachment trial and the manner in which he was denied due process.

“If you won’t do it for the president, you won’t do it for the one that’s penniless. … In other words, if you won’t do it for him, I’m in trouble,” the senator said.

“Every single American should be concerned when the president of the United States, in a nationally televised trial, is eliminated for the process for the first 71 of the 78 days.”

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