Sessions Rips Omar After Heated Exchange On Twitter: “How’s Your Brother, By The Way?”

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who is running for his old Senate seat in Alabama, ripped Rep. Ilhan Omar on Friday over her call to “disband” the Minneapolis Police Department.

“The Minneapolis Police Department has proven themselves beyond reform,” Rep. Omar wrote on Twitter. “It’s time to disband them and reimagine public safety in Minneapolis.”

Sessions responded, “Radical Leftists like Ilhan Omar and the rest of ‘the Squad’ are dead wrong. Don’t defund the police. Defund the thought police.”

Omar responded by writing: “You called the NAACP Un-American and said you thought the Klu Klux Klan were okay until you learned they smoked pot. Maybe sit this one out.”

Rep. Omar’s claim that Jeff Sessions said that the KKK was okay until he learned that they smoked pot is taken out of context as Sessions has said in the past that it was an obvious joke. People who were present when Sessions made the comment testified that it was made as a joke.

In response, Sessions unloaded on Ilhan Omar, writing: “You brushed off the 9/11 attacks as ‘some people did something.’ You’ve celebrated anti-Semitism. You have a habit of rooting for the bad guys, and you should stop unfairly demonizing our brave law enforcement officers. I for one will never sit out defending those who defend us.”

Sessions added: “How’s your brother, by the way?”

Sessions’ comment about Omar’s brother references allegations that she married her brother and allegedly broke numerous laws in the process.

Rep. Omar did not immediately respond to Sessions’ remark.

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