Some House Democrats Plan To Protest Trump’s State of Union After Impeachment Trial Flops

House Democrats are licking their wounds after losing the impeachment fight but don’t plan on going quietly. They all but vowed to continue the investigations and will most certainly start the subpoena’s flying in more doomed efforts to damage President Trump politically.

Others have more immediate actions planned like staging little protests at President Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday.

Nancy Pelosi and President Trump haven’t spoken according to multiple reports since an Oct 16th confrontation which should add to the tension as President Trump will take a victory lap soon.

The Hill reported that female Democrats are reprising their coordinated white outfits to show solidarity with women, and, as in years past, at least a handful of lawmakers are considering or planning to boycott President Trump’s speech in the House chamber entirely.

The final vote in the Senate trial to acquit Trump will likely come on Wednesday, the day after his speech, and the lawmakers absent for the address will include some of the earliest and most fervent supporters of impeachment.

Rep. Steve Cohen, who introduced articles of impeachment against President Trump in 2017, skipped the last two State of the Union addresses. He told reporters that he has no intention to “go in a very cold room and hear a bunch of puff and lies.”

Rep. Al Green, who forced three House votes on impeachment and has boycotted all of President Trump’s addresses to Congress to date, said that he was undecided.

“The things that caused me to stay away have not changed,” Green acknowledged. But he said that he has been “encouraged” by a colleague to attend and is weighing his decision.

At least 6 House Democrats made a point of not attending last year’s State of the Union, while 14 boycotted the address in 2018.

The offices of other Democrats who boycotted President Trump’s State of the Union in the past 2 years — including Reps. Earl Blumenauer, John Lewis, Hank Johnson and Maxine Waters — didn’t respond when asked if they would attend this time around.

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