Spike Lee Trashes Black Trump Supporters With Humiliating Quotes From Slavery-Era

Hollywood director Spike Lee mocked African American Trump supporters at the White House on Instagram using language from the slave-era.

MRC reported that the BlaKkKlansmen director posted a photo of African American Trump supporters praying with President Trump so he could bash them for all his followers to see.

The photo — posted to Spike’s “officialspikelee” account on Monday, March 3 — depicted prominent black conservatives Diamond & Silk, Terrence K. Williams and others who were in town to celebrate Black History Month with the President and First Lady.

Lee’s disparaging caption painted the African American White House guests as ignorant and subservient to the president. Mocking them, he wrote, “‘Massa, We Love You Massa. We Gonna Pray Fo’ You Massa.’ Singing- ‘Swing Low,Sweet Chariot’”

One incredulous commenter asked, “For real?!” as if this was the most shocking photo in recent memory.

Mr. Lee responded by commenting, “Fo’ Real. Fo’ Real.” Yeah, real nice.

Actor Isaiah Washington (who goes by “The Tweet Sniper” on Twitter,) brought the post to social media users on Twitter via a screenshot, explaining that Lee isn’t brave enough to take the heat for such posts on Twitter so he’s moved his trash talk over to Instagram.

Washington claimed, “Spike Lee left Twitter, because he couldn’t take the scrutiny and now he’s on Instagram talking sh** about black people trying to empower themselves and empowering 45 through prayer?”

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