Stewart Blasts Congress – Claims D.C. Has All The ‘Arrogance, Entitlement & Elitism’ Of Hollywood

Jon Stewart claimed that Washington D.C. contains as much “arrogance and entitlement and elitism” as Hollywood when it comes to caring for everyday American people.

Stewart was working to help the first responders from the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Many of the first responders developed cancers and other diseases from their time rescuing people and cleaning up the debris from the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the crash site for Flight 93.

Because of the illnesses faced by the heroes from September 11, Congress has set up a fund to pay for their medical costs. That funding package as it stands must be renewed by Congress every now and then.

Jon Stewart has been working with many first responders to ensure that their fund is never a political tool. He has also been working to have it extended through 2090 so that it lasts the lifetime of those who helped heal America after the terrorist attacks.

However, Congress hasn’t been as enthusiastic about helping the first responders as Jon Stewart is. Stewart called out members of Congress for failing to show up to hearings and for brushing off first responders when they arrive to lobby for their health care.

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Stewart told host Chris Wallace that many top politicians in D.C. demonstrate the same qualities that Americans despise when they think of Hollywood.

“I come from a world of show business and I think if you were to take all of the arrogance and entitlement and elitism that people don’t like about Hollywood and show business and you concentrated it in one city and gave those people actual power, that’s Washington. There’s a tremendous amount of people down there doing great work with goodwill, but there is a very small concentrated group of people at the top that have lost sight of what they’re there for and how it looks to the outside world.” He said.

Stewart also noted that only 7 members of the 14 who should’ve been present on the sub-committee to hear the testimony from the first responders. “That’s a failing grade and that shouldn’t happen,” Stewart said.

The legislation Jon Stewart is hoping to pass is expected to sail through the Senate. The also comedian said that he hopes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will allow the bill to pass in the Senate without too much partisan animosity.

As previously reported, Jon Stewart has been complimentary of President Trump Administration for their continued support for the first responders.

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