Strange Jeep Followed ICIG Investigators Probing Hillary’s Email Scandal – Investigator’s House Got Broken Into, His Computers Stolen & Trash Rummaged

According to a new Senate report released by Grassley, the Intelligence Community Inspector General who was probing the Hillary Clinton email scandal, believed that one individual on their team was leaking information to the media — his legal counsel had ties to the Clintons.

Frank Rucker and a few of his fellow ICIG investigators who were probing the Hillary Clinton email scandal were also followed by a strange Jeep for several weeks, as the Gateway Pundit reported.

Recall, Frank Rucker and other ICIG investigators discovered that Hillary Clinton’s emails were hacked by China and confronted the FBI about the ‘anomaly’ they found on her server. Peter Strzok ignored the warnings from the ICIG investigators and seemed ‘indifferent’ according to the Senate report.

One of the ICIG investigator’s reported that he was followed from the State Department to his home where someone broke into his house and stole all of his computers — another investigator realized someone rummaged through his recycling bin in his home looking to find paperwork.

“[Frank] Rucker asked for a moment to consult with counsel. After conferring for a minute or so, he said that raised several other issues during his interview with DOJ-OIG, including whether somebody from ICIG was leaking to the media. Mr. Rucker said that it was a small group at ICIG that was working on the Clinton email Issue, so it was a concern for Mr. McCullough that somebody was leaking,” the Senate report said.

Paul Wogerman, the suspected leaker, who was counsel at ICIG is the son of a pastor to the Clintons.

“He said that Mr. McCullough considered pulling and examining everybody’s phone records. During the time of the Podesta hack, Mr. Rucker said that there was an email to Clinton attorney (David) Kendall referencing [redacted] and a “favorite son.” He said that Paul Wogerman, who was then a counsel at ICIG and whose father was allegedly a pastor to the Clintons was the only male employee on leave the following day when a meeting with [redacted] was supposed to take place according to the email. Therefore, he said, it was believed that Mr: Wogerman was leaking to [redacted]. He said that Mr. McCullough made a decision not to confront Mr. Wogerman. Mr. Rucker said that he does not believe that ICIG ever did an official assessment on whether Mr. Wogerman leaked classified information,” said the Senate report.

Mr.Wogerrnan reportedly “pushed very hard to be included on the investigation, but he was NOT part of it.”

As the report said, Mr. Wogerman now works at ODNI as a mole in the mission integration department. Mr. Rucker said that he has no information if anyone confronted Mr. Wogerman about it. He said that they all signed non-disclosure agreements or NDA’s regarding their work at ICIG.

Rucker also said that a strange Jeep was following him and other ICIG investigators involved in Hillary Clinton’s email probe.

“Mr. Rucker said that a few odd things were happening that were also discussed. He said that a Jeep once followed the ICIG (McCullough} from the State Department to the door of house. Mr. Rucker said that he himself had a Jeep following him at odd hours. He said that for two weeks, the same Jeep followed him on Route 50. Mr. Rucker said that he cannot recall the exact time frame of when this occurred, nor did he record the Jeep’s license plate.”

“He said that Mr. Hackett had a burglary at his home and all of his computers were stolen. He said that Mr. McCullough discovered that someone was sorting through his recycling bin at home and leaving separate stacks of items outside of the bin as if they were looking for papers,” the Senate report said.

Despite the obvious cover-up and corruption surrounding Hillary Clinton’s email investigation, there has been zero indictments of the Deep State.

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