Ted Cruz ” Biden May Be The Dem Party’s Nominee, But We All Know Who’s Driving The Train”

Senator Ted Cruz posted a comical meme on Thursday and tweeted: “Biden may be the Democrat Party’s nominee, but we all know who is driving the train.”

In the comical meme, Bernie Sanders is driving the train.

The other passengers are Ilhan Omer, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, Senator Ed Markey, Andrew Cuomo, Ayanna Pressley and Adam Schiff.

Democrats reacted viciously to Sen. Cruz’s meme on social media.

Kyle Griffin replied: “No evidence whatsoever to support this. None”

Alyssa Milano replied: “Saw you on Cuomo last night. Ouch. That must have hurt.”

Ocasio-Cortez wrote: “I must say, Ted Cruz making poorly executed memes while riding in the quiet car of the White Supremacist Express is pretty on board for both him and 2020.”

AOC’s comment may be referring to the first presidential debate in which the Dems accuse President Trump of refusing to condemn white supremacist organizations, particularly an alt-right group known as the Proud Boys.

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