Ted Cruz Rips China, Accuses Beijing Of “Economic Warfare” Over Threat To Cut Off Medicine Supply

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz ripped China after he said that leaders in that country attempted to hold the United States “captive” by threatening to cut off medical supplies.

In a sad state of affairs, due to greedy CEO’s and greedier politicians, America off-shored its industrial might. And wouldn’t you know who makes almost 90% of our key medicine supply including antibiotics? China.

The Washington Examiner reported that during an interview with Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo on Wednesday, Ted Cruz said that the measures taken by the Chinese government showed not only a lack of transparency regarding the spread of the disease but also an intent to strain the U.S. pharmaceutical industry, which relies on manufacturing from the Asian superpower.

“The Chinese government has explicitly threatened … cutting off life-saving medicines to America as a tool of economic warfare,” Sen. Cruz said.

Sen. Cruz also said that Beijing allowed the disease to spread early on by failing to alert global officials such as the World Health Organization. The Texan also pointed out that the Chinese government punished those who came forward to warn others of the dangers, such as Dr. Li Wenliang, who died from the illness after being reprimanded for alerting colleagues about a mystery disease infecting his patients.

“This pandemic began in China, began in Wuhan, China, and the decisions of the Chines government played a critical part … in causing the pandemic to be as bad as it is,” Sen. Cruz said. “They did everything they could to hide the public health crisis that was spreading right in front of them.”

Sen. Cruz also warned that the coronavirus had only incresed his belief that China poses the greatest risk to U.S. security in the 21st century.

“The single greatest geopolitical threat to the United States in the next century is China,” Sen. Cruz added. “China is expanding its economic might, it’s blackballing its neighbors, it’s stealing intellectual property, it’s building up its military.”

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