Terry Crews Defends Traditional Family Values & Fatherhood On Twitter – Receives Backlash From Leftists

In a series of tweets over the weekend, actor Terry Crews shared his thoughts on fatherhood, family values and the the women’s rights movement.

The “Everybody Hates Chris” star stated that children who grow up in single-parent households are “malnourished,” something he later apologized for, saying that his initial tweet was “poorly worded.”

However, actor Terry Crews continued to drive home his point about the importance of fatherhood while fighting back against charges of homophobia and transphobia.

Crews also shared his thoughts on fatherhood in the black community.

“So all the Black kids growing up without dads or paternal love are just fine? So we just let all these dads off the hook?” Crews said.

“Just because women can do it all alone— and they have done an amazing job— does that mean they should?” he added.

Crews’ tweets were met with a fierce progressive backlash. Some of them even accused the actor of bigotry.

Actor Terry Crews is a devouted Christian who has spoken publicly about his faith and his battle with porn addiction.

He has also been open about being the victim of an alleged sexual assault in Hollywood by a prominent male executive at a party in 2016.

Crews was part of a group named TIME’s person of the year in 2017, sharing the honor with others who claim to be survivors of sexual assault.

Terry Crews shouldn’t have to feel obligated to defend his freedom of speech or expression. He is not a puppet like most of the Hollywood elite, as he actually thinks and acts the way he wants. Good for him.

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