Texas Sen. Ted Cruz Tears Into House Democrats:’They’re Going To Impeach The President Just For Being Donald Trump’

This Sunday, Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz slammed House Democrats with an argument that they absolutely intend to impeach President Trump, and that they do not even care why.

While appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union” with guest host Dana Bash on Sunday, following House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, Cruz pointed out what he felt was telling about Nadler’s comments.

“Listen, if anyone thinks that the Mueller report being concluded is the end of the Democrats’ attempt to take down President Trump, they haven’t been paying attention the last two years. It’s striking as I listened to your interview with Congressman Nadler that he was immediately pivoting away.” said Cruz.

Then he turned back to Bash stating, “You asked Congressman Nadler whether the House is going to impeach the president. I’ll answer that for you. Yes. They fully intend to impeach the president and they don’t care about the basis.”

Then he brought up the point he found telling. “Twice Congressman Nadler said something remarkable,” Cruz began. “He said, ‘listen, the special counsel is focused on crimes. We’re not all that concerned with crimes. Our focus, this is Democrats in the House, is much broader than crimes.’

“What they are basically saying is they are going to impeach the president for being Donald Trump. And they don’t care about the evidence.” said Cruz.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz concluded with stating that the Mueller report should be made public and that we should all reserve our judgment until we’ve seen what is actually in it.

Cruz also called out the Dems to stop “obsessively trying to destroy the president and this administration,” saying, “We ought to be coming together and solving the real problems, not just engage in relentless political warfare.”

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