Tom Cotton Claims “No Doubt” COVID-19 Infections Will Not Stop Judge Barrett Confirmation Hearings

Senator Tom Cotton appeared on “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo and argued that 3 Republican Senators contracting COVID-19 won’t stop the confirmation hearings of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Cotton said “What I can say is that everyone is eager to be at work when they need to be at work.”

“They’re on the Judiciary Committee a week from tomorrow either in person or virtually to have the confirmation hearings for Judge Barrett, and then to have the vote on Judge Barrett this month.”

He continued “none of this should have any impact on schedule of the Senate, either on the Judiciary Committee or the Senate as a whole,” he added.

“No doubt about it, Maria,” he said.

Cotton also predicted Barrett would be confirmed by the end of October and noted that senators in past years have voted despite serious ailments.

“There is a long tradition of ill or medically infirm senators being wheeled in to cast critical votes on the Senate floor,” Cotton said.

“Most recently, (late West Virginia Democratic Sen.) Robert Byrd in 2009 repeatedly rolled in, in a wheelchair, just months before his death to vote for Obamacare,” Cotton continued.

“I’m confident that every senator will be in attendance when his or her vote is needed,” he added.

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