Transgender Cyclist Champion Accuses Don Jr. Of Encouraging Hate & Trans-phobia Because Of His “Win”

Dr. Rachel McKinnon is a “transgender woman” and competitive cyclist who recently won the 200-meter gold medal at the Masters Track Cycling World Championships. McKinnon has blamed Donald Trump Jr. for the “transphobic hate and harassment” he’s been receiving online for having stolen the medal from biological women.

In a series of tweets posted after his Sunday victory, he wrote of the “hate against trans women” he’s been experiencing on social media and pinned the “hate” on a tweet thread that Trump Jr., the eldest son of President Trump, had posted Monday morning.

“Oh THIS explains the explosion of hate messages I’m getting!!” McKinnon tweeted in a post that linked to Trump Jr.’s thread.

As of Wednesday morning, every single tweet from McKinnon boasted a “yuge” negative ratio. And if you scroll down through his feed, you’ll see that this trend began long before Trump Jr. chose to tweet about his cycling.

In response to the tweet thread Trump Jr. posted Monday, even his sworn liberal enemies nodded in agreement, with one tweeting, “I’m liberal as they come but I actually kind of agree with this,” and another writing, “We don’t agree on much, but on this, totally agree!!!!”

As of Wednesday morning, none of Trump Jr.’s tweets boasted a negative ratio. The comments meanwhile consisted almost entirely of chants of agreements from conservatives and liberals.

“I agree..men & women are built differently (BIOLOGICALLY) & have different strengths..when it comes to competitive sports, this is NOT FAIR..plain & simple! This has absolutely NOTHING to do with prejudice or acceptance. The answer? A separate division for transgender sports?” said a comment.

“I agree with this and people will think I’m a terrible person for saying that. I don’t mind Trans people but to have someone who was born genetically a man then complete in a women’s race isn’t ok. Not fair to any of the women who put so much effort into this,” said another tweeter user.

“wow hope HE’S happy with HIMself competing with and beating real,genuine fantastic female athletes.hope HE’S pleased….sorry for the ladies for all the hard work and commitment that they’ve put in to get where they are today,” said a comment.

Of the tweets Trump Jr. posted on Monday, one linked to a Townhall story that notes that had McKinnon competed against his own type (i.e., men), he wouldn’t have come out on top or even close to the top.

“The world record McKinnon set in the qualifying round [on Sunday] was 11.649 for the female age 35-39 group. In the male 35-39 age group, the top qualifying round time was 10.498,” the piece reads.

“In fact, if McKinnon had competed against these men instead of women, the Canadian’s time would not have even finished in the top 10. McKinnon would have placed 11th, right behind Poland’s Adrian Swiderski, who posted a time of 11.386. This means McKinnon would not have been allowed to compete in the men’s sprint championship.”

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