Trey Gowdy Locks-Loads & Shoots On The FBI: “The Bureau Was Out To Get The President”

South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy appeared on “Fox News Thursday” and blasted former Federal Bureau of Investigations Director James Comey and 2016-2018 FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Gowdy told host Martha MacCallum the deeds of top FBI officials was sufficient evidence to suspect they were “out to get” President Trump.

After playing a clip of the Commander-in-Chief setting his sights on Comey, Martha remarked, “Very strong words. No mincing of words there at all. But when you look at the Mueller report and the FISA process, you can understand where it’s coming from.”

Trey Gowdy pointed out that the FBI was talking impeachment before Congress ever brought it up: “Yeah, Peter Strzok, the lead case agent on this Russia probe, was talking about impeaching Donald Trump before Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler were. I mean, just let that sink in for a second: The lead agent for the FBI mentioned impeaching Trump before Schiff and Nadler did.”

It was an early incrimination: “Then the FBI conducts this defensive briefing, which is really just an interview, because they suspected Donald Trump of impropriety.”

Gowdy then augmented his list of suspects: “You have James Comey, who thinks impeachment is too good for him. You have John Brennan that thinks he should be ‘in the dustbin of history.’ You have Andy McCabe, who — after Comey was fired — launched another investigation into Trump. Martha, if I were Donald Trump, I would think the FBI was out to get me, too.”

The host noted the President’s reference to the salvation of James Comey’s firing, founded upon the idea that it was he who allowed such a culture in the Bureau to grow.

Gowdy agreed, with an expansion: “Yeah, I would correct the President’s narrative only to this extent: He replaced Comey with McCabe. That is hardly moving up the draft board. It was only when Chris Wray came in that I think you had a dispassionate, objective, law-enforcement-centered person. McCabe was no better than Comey.”

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