Trump Jr. Blasts Comey In Response To His Attack On William Barr: ‘You Sound Scared, You Probably Should Be’

Donald Trump Jr. slammed former FBI Director James Comey on Saturday, suggesting that he might be scared of what can turn up in continued investigations into the origins of the Russian collusion.

“You sound scared… and given your role you probably should,” Trump Jr. posted on his Twitter profile responding to Comey’s tweet from Friday.

President Trump’s son was responding to James Comey’s Friday tweet attacking AG Barr and accusing him of “sliming his own department” and being just a spokesman for President Trump.

Trump Jr. wasn’t the only one slamming James Comey following his tweet. Several others suggested that he sounded scared, and many questioned whether attacking the person investigating him was a wise course of action.

“Comey wants the DOJ to break institutional policy and share the results of the investigation into him and others with the public.”
“How many times in Comey’s career did he deny that same request?”

“This is what fear looks like. Comey knows what’s coming.” tweeted John Cardillo.

“Let’s start with the text messages between Lisa Page, Peter Strzok and Andy McCabe — your deputies. After that let’s take a look at your emails with John Brennan.” posted Arthur Scwartz.

“James Comey, who is a key player implicated in Russia hoax, is tweeting against the Atty General looking into his role.” another tweet said.

“Comey is under active DOJ investigation for leaking classified information to the press.”
“He’s also facing three other inquiries being run by Horowitz, Huber, & Durham that will scrutinize his leadership at the FBI.”
“Upshot: Comey’s days of freedom are numbered. And he knows it.”
Said another.

Attorney General Barr tapped U.S. Attorney John Durham to lead the investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion probe on Monday.

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