Trump Mocks “Falling-Gate” By Pretending To Lose His Balance, Liberal Media Takes the Bait

Trump made fun of the conspiracy theory that he loses his balance on ramps and walkways when approaching the podium for his New Hampshire rally on Friday night.

Trump pretended – in a very obvious joke – to lose his balance on the flat surface. He then pinned a tail on the joke by saying the floor was like ice. The crowd laughed. It was funny. And it was obvious.

Liberal media didn’t wait long to blast the President, assuming that he almost triped.

“Trump almost trips walking towards the stage in NH. Says “they put a floor in like an ice skating rink,” said one tweet.

“Trump seemed to have some difficulty making him way to the podium before his speech in New Hampshire.”

“There’s something seriously wrong with Trump’s health: his trouble walking, the constant slurring, the way he drinks water,” said another tweet. “The American people need to know what’s going on.

The RNC responded.

You can notice how few retweets the RNC one has from blue check journos. Even Paula Reid from CBS realized it was a joke and said so, but that didn’t get any attention either.

It appears that there’s nothing they won’t lie about. Or anything too stupid for them to believe.

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