Trump Preparing An Order That Will Correct The Supreme Court’s Big Mistake

The current Supreme Court term has seen liberals string together a series of victories. But one of them stood out above the rest, and President Trump is preparing an order that will correct the Supreme Court’s huge mistake.

In what some considered the worst of Chief Justice John Roberts betrayals this Supreme Court term, Roberts joined the courts four liberals in blocking the Trump administration from rescinding Barack Obama’s lawless executive amnesty program for the children of illegal aliens.

The setback was not permanent as the decision allowed the Trump administration to try again.

Now reports are surfacing that President Trump appears ready to move to eliminate Obama’s amnesty program.

The Hill exclusively reported: President Trump is expected to refile paperwork this week to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that offers protections for thousands of young immigrants, according to multiple people familiar with the planning.

Trump was initially expected to move to once again rescind the Obama-era program last week, but it was pushed back, according to one source. The exact timing remains in flux, but Trump is now expected to file the paperwork this week.

Open borders advocates will immediately sue and tie the order up in court.

But President Trump will create stakes for the November election and establish a clear contrast with Joe Biden.

The President needs the voters to view this as a choice election as opposed to a referendum.

Moving to end this amnesty program will make it clear that if Biden wins, the amnesty program will proceed as Biden would obviously rescind President Trump’s order.

This reality will allow President Trump to ask the American people if they want secure borders and an immigration system that puts American workers first or the Democrats’ plan for open borders and illegal aliens streaming into the country driving down wages.

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