Trump Shoots Back At The Democrats – Demands Sanctions Over Their Sham Lawsuit

President Donald Trump is on a roll and has his opposition right where he wants it. Even though establishment (both parties) has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at the President to take him down.

They have failed and now President Trump is going on the offensive. Many more aggressive moves like this are expected to come from Trump’s team as he pivots from being the one under siege to the one exerting on the pressure. Remember, AG Barr will announce the results from his investigation and it does not look good for James Comey and the gang. The tide has definitely turned.

The Hill reported that President Trump’s campaign is requesting that a federal court sanction the Democratic National Committee over its sham lawsuit alleging that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia to interfere in the 2016 election, citing special counsel Mueller’s report.

In a court filing on Tuesday, Trump campaign attorneys said Mueller’s findings show that the campaign did not collude with Russia to interfere in the election, and that the charges against them should be dismissed and the DNC sanctioned as a result.

“In an over-400-page Report, the Special Counsel not only explains that his investigation ‘did not establish’ any such conspiracy or coordination, but debunks any such conclusion by walking through the vast body of evidence that his Office collected and establishing that none of this evidence showed that the Campaign formed any sort of agreement with Russia,” the court filing reads.

“In so doing, the Report makes clear that the DNC will never be able to prove the key allegations underlying all of its claims against the Campaign.”

Calling the lawsuit “a politically motivated sham case,” the Trump’s campaign stated that the DNC is acting to move forward with the complaint “all in a doomed effort to prove a falsehood.”

“In short, since the DNC’s frivolous legal theories have now been exposed as resting on frivolous factual fantasies, these are two independent reasons to terminate this sham political litigation before it does even more harm,” the filing reads.

President Trump’s campaign is asking that the claims against them be dismissed permanently, and for the Democrats to reimburse them for all legal fees and costs caused by the lawsuit. It’s also asking that oral arguments be held over whether sanctions should be issued.

On Wednesday, the DNC pointed to a letter the committee sent to the campaign earlier this month and obtained by Courthouse News, which indicates that it will not give up the legal fight against Trump’s campaign in light of Robert Mueller’s report.

“[T]he Special Counsel’s Report does not ‘refute’ the DNC’s claim that the Trump Campaign conspired with Russia. Rather, the Report methodically compiles evidence that the Trump Campaign participated in Russia’s plan to interfere in the 2016 election,” DNC lawyer Joseph Sellers wrote in the letter on Sunday sent to Trump’s campaign.

Sellers stated that any attempt by President Trump’s campaign to pursue sanctions against the DNC would be “wholly groundless” and could ultimately result in sanctions be placed against the campaign.

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