Trump Shuts Down MSNBC Reporter After Her Rude Question On Doral: ‘I’ve Lost 3-5$ Billion Being President’

People would say that the left, like a broken record, keeps coming back to is President Trump making money off the presidency and that they just won’t let it go.

Just a quick reminder to everyone, that when Trump won the contract for the Washington D.C. hotel, Barack Obama was president. It was Obama’s guys that approved the deal.

Now, when President Trump won the lawyers sat down because it was kind of unprecedented and they aid that it was ok, for many reasons but mainly the government actually owns the hotel and property – President Trump just has a lease.

So anything that Trump makes the government makes as well. That is one thing the media will not tell you. The other is we have never had a president with this much wealth and most of it is in the hospitality – restaurants, golf courses, and so on.

The emoluments clause was not written to reflect this – and the media knows it. Which is why President Trump was absolutely right to shut down MSNBC’s Hailey Jackson and her rude question.

Even in France the liberal White House media has no other agenda than to attack President Trump, as The Gateway Pundit reported.

During his press conference after the G7 the liberal media was waiting to pounce on the US president.

NBC reporter Hallie Jackson questioned the President about next year’s G7 Summit in America and the possibility that he may hold next year’s summit at one of his properties. Jackson accused President Trump of holding the summit on his property so he can make loads of money.

President Trump blasted her pointing out that he has lost around $3 billion in personal wealth since he became president. Trump also added that he doesn’t even make money for his speeches today. It’s all for free and for his country.

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