Trump Shuts Down ‘Obviously Biased’ NBC Reporter: ‘You Are Less Credible Than CNN’

President Trump went after NBC’s Peter Alexander today calling him biased and not credible reporter.

Speaking to reporters before heading to an event in Kentucky, President Trump started off taking aim at the New York Times. “I think the New York Times now has totally lost credibility,” the president said.

“They’ve given up on the Russian collusion delusion. And now what they’re doing, they’re trying the racist deal.” He continued.

“And that’s not gonna work because I am the least racist person ever to serve in office. OK?” Trump said. “I am the least racist person. But the New York Times, they’re trying everything they can. It is a totally dishonest newspaper. It’s a paper that really has lost tremendous credibility.”

NBC’s Peter Alexander tried to chime in with a question about Trump, Obama and Russia and the G-7 but the President waved him off.

“If you’d stop being an organ of the Democrats. This guy is the most biased reporter, NBC,” President Trump said.

“I used to like them, but they are the most biased. Peter, you should be able to ask a question, same question, in a better way. You are so obviously biased, and that’s why the public has no confidence in the media.”

President Trump then moved over to take a question from a CNN reporter: “You know who else goes out? NBC News. NBC News has less credibility, in my opinion, with guys like you than CNN.”

“I think CNN has more credibility than NBC News. Did you hear what I said? I said you have more credibility than this guy.” Trump continued.

“And that’s not saying much. You know why? ‘Cause I don’t think you have very much credibility,” he added. “But I will tell you this, NBC, I think, has less credibility than CNN. That’s not saying much, but that’s the way I feel.”

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