Trump Silences Michigan AG After She Said POTUS Is Not Welcome Back In Key Swing State

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (D) took a few cheap shots at President Trump and regretted it very quickly.

Nessel appeared on CNN and told President Trump that he is not welcome in Michigan and called him a petulant child.

“The president is a petulant child who refuses to follow the rules, and I have to say, this is no joke,” Nessel said on CNN.

“He is portraying the worst possible message to those who can’t afford to be on the receiving end,” Nessel added. “It’s very, very concerning.”

President Trump hit back hard reminding her who is boss.

“Do nothing A.G. of the Great State of Michigan, Dana Nessel, should not be taking her anger and stupidity out on Ford Motor – they might get upset with you and leave the state, like so many other companies have – until I came along and brought business back to Michigan. JOBS!” Trump posted.

Dana responded: “Hi! After struggling with our Gov & SOS, impressed you know my name. Seems like you have a problem with all 3 women who run MI-as well as your ability to tell the truth. The auto industry has been thriving for years bc of our incredible auto workers & companies.”

As usual the left got it all wrong – President Trump was wearing a mask he just took it off for the cameras as the media and the Dems were making such a big deal about it.

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