Trump Supporter Says Her Family Isn’t Talking To Her Because Of Trump — She’s Sticking With Him Anyway

On Thursday, a Pennsylvania Trump-supporter said that she was sticking with President Trump even though family members had cut her out of their lives.

Lynette Villano, resident from Pennsylvania who said that she had been “on the Trump train” since the day he first stepped off the escalator in Trump Tower, said during the president’s Fox News town hall that a number of her own family members had either stopped speaking to her or given her an ultimatum with regard to her politics.

“President Trump, I’m so happy to have you here,” Villano began. “From the day you came down the escalator in Trump Tower, I was on the Trump Train.”

“I like that,” President Trump smiled, “And I like you too.”

“I proudly wear my Trump pin every day of my life,” Villano continued. “My question is, we are so divided as a country, I have family members who don’t speak to me, and recently was told if you support Trump you’re no longer part of my life. How are you going to bring us together?”

The Daily Caller reported that Trump responded by saying that he believed more could be accomplished if both sides would agree to work together — and despite the fighting of the past three years, he remained hopeful that the parties could work together in the future.

“Let’s get together, let’s get things done, there’s so many things we could do. We’ve done a lot, we’ve done more than any administration in three years in the history of the country,” President Trump said.

“I really believe we’re going to win this next election and when we do the other side is going to say okay, that is it, let’s get along. I really believe that. We have to win the election,” he added.

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