Trump’s Attorney Wins The Day, Exposes “Trifecta” Of Democrat Errors That Violate The Constitution In Schiff’s Impeachment Case

President Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow wiped the floor with Adam Schiff yesterday. Sekulow mocked him for putting words into transcripts that didn’t exist a dig at Adam doing the same to Trump during the hearings.

“And what we just heard from manager Schiff, courts have no role, privileges don’t apply, what happened in the past we should just ignore. In fact, manager Schiff just said try to summarize my colleagues defense of the president,” Sekulow says.

“He said not in those words of course, which is not the first time Mr. Schiff has put words into transcripts that did not exist. Mr. Schiff also talked about a trifecta,” Sekulow says.

Then Sekulow went right to the heart of the matter and listed 3 ways the Democrats have violated the constitution during this process.

“I’ll give you a trifecta: During the proceedings that took place before the Judiciary Committee, the president was denied the right to cross-examine witnesses.”

“The president was denied the right to access evidence.”

“And the president was denied the right to have counsel present at hearings.”

“This is a trifecta that violates the Constitution of the United States.”

“Mr. Schiff did say the courts really don’t have a role in this. Executive privilege why would that matter? It matters because it is based on the Constitution of the United States.”

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