Tucker Carlson Blasts Ilhan Omar Calling Her ‘a Symbol of America’s Failed Immigration System’

Tucker Carlson slammed Rep. Ilhan Omar calling “a symbol of America’s failed immigration system” in his argument about Democrats and immigration.

The Fox News host blasted the Minnesota Democrat during his remarks on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” discussing a proposed immigration overhaul recently revealed by the Trump administration.

Carlson contended that there “isn’t really an argument against” the system that President Trump is proposing which would end the visa lottery program and use a skill-based system for admitting immigrants legally into the U.S.

The President’s two-part plan, known as the “Build America Visa” program, includes border security and immigration overhaul with a proposal that would radically change who is issued a green card.

“For years Democrats have argued that immigrants make vital additions to our economy. They are smarter than we are, they are harder working and do better in school. They found more companies,” Carlson claimed on Friday. “The president has decided to take Democrats at their word. He says he wants all of those good things that immigrants bring.”

The President stated that “we cherish the open door that we want to create for our country,” and that America wants immigrants coming in. “But a big proportion of those immigrants must come in through merit and skill.”

“So why wouldn’t we pick the absolute best? Immigrants with skills and English would fit in better here. Their kids would do better in school. They would be more likely to contribute to social programs instead of draining them,” Carlson continued, noting that, instead of supporting the change, Democrats are “outraged.”

“I want to just say something about the word that they use merit. It is really a condescending word,” House Speaker Pelosi complained.

“Are they saying family is without merit? Are they saying most of the people that have ever come to the United States in the history of our country are without merit because they don’t have an engineering degree? Certainly, we want to attract the best in our country — to our country and that includes many people from many parts of society,” she said.

“What a shame we can’t staff the Democratic caucus in the Congress using the same criteria the speaker would like to fill our country,” said Carlson, slamming Pelosi and the Democrats for arguing in favor of a “feudal system where foreign-born worker bees toil to support a smug and pampered managerial class of which they, of course, are part.”

“We don’t need more low skilled workers in the United States. We have plenty of low skilled workers,” Carlson argued. “Their unemployment rate is higher than the national average. Their wage growth has been abysmal for decades, generations. So how do those workers benefit from having more competition? Of course, they don’t. How does the country benefit by having more low skilled workers when technological changes may soon render millions of them permanently jobless? The answer, of course, is that we won’t benefit.”

Carlson then said that the benefit to the country is not a point that matters to the left and turned to Rep. Omar as “a symbol of America’s failed immigration system if there ever was one.”

He called the congresswoman and Somali refugee “someone who hates this country” and who came to the U.S. “at public expense,” saying that she “spent yesterday demanding the abolition of ICE, the decriminalization of illegal immigration itself, and an end to all deportation programs.”

“She demands open borders, the unlimited arrival of anyone who wants to come to America, whether they have anything to contribute or not, and by the way, you get to pay for it. And if you don’t want to, you’re a bigot,” Carlson said.

The Fox News host contended that the issue is about money and power and not one about civil rights.

“Their money, their power. The left has a line with business interests that profit from cheap obedient workers,” Carlson said. “Low skilled immigrants have a harder time assimilating into the American mainstream. They stay poorer, they learn English more slowly, they’re more likely to remain an ethnic underclass which makes them much more likely to vote Democratic long-term – that’s the point, obviously.”

On the other hand, skilled immigrants like the ones the White House is hoping to focus on with the new policy, are likely assimilate better in our society and “become less reliable Democratic voters,” Carlson noted.

“They might even compete with the children of our ruling class. That’s not allowed,” he concluded. “It’s safer to import serfs and that’s exactly what they’re doing. Don’t let them tell you it’s about civil rights. It’s not.”

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